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Puskar-Pasewicz, Margaret A. (ed.) 2010. Cultural Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism . Santa Barbara, CA, Greenwood Press.

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."..useful one-volume encyclopedia...A very good index and bibliography complement the text...Recommended." -



Vegetarianism in the United States did not start in the 1960s - it has a much longer, complex history going back to the early 1800s. "Cultural Encyclopedia of Vegetarianism" examines that history through the lens of culture, focusing on what vegetarianism has had to say to and about Americans. This A - Z encyclopedia brings together the work of a number of scholars from diverse fields, including history, sociology, philosophy, religious studies, anthropology, nutrition, American studies, religious studies, women's and gender history, and the history of medicine. Approximately 100 essay entries cover cultural and historical aspects of vegetarianism, primarily but not exclusively in relation to the United States, shedding light on the practice's roots in ancient cultures and challenging popular myths and misconceptions related to both vegetarianism and veganism. With discussions on everything from activist movements to cookbooks, the encyclopedia offers a unique, wide-ranging exploration that will appeal to students, practitioners, and anyone else who wants to know more.

Über den Autor

Margaret A. Puskar-Pasewicz is an independent historian whose research focuses on the social and cultural significance of diet, health, and food practices. She is completing a book on vegetarianism in the United States from 1817 to 1918.

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