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Millstone, Erik / Lang, Tim ²2008. The Atlas of Food: Who Eats What, Where, and Why.  London, Earthscan / Myriad Editions. amazon.de ~ € 17,-
USA Edition - University of California.  amazon.com ~ $ 22,-
Japanese Edition - Maruzen. amazon.co.jp

 - The Atlas of Food - look inside here -

Erik Millstone is Professor of Science Policy at the University of Sussex, UK.
Tim Lang is Professor of Food Policy at London's City University

Selected reviews, more at Myriad Editions.
Times Higher Education Supplement
...[a] unique and easily accessible insight into the way our world food system works. With compelling graphics, it should be necessary reading for many under- and post-graduates, as well as for the interested general public. This splendid presentation of deeply worrying data and trends should be a wake-up call. This book shows that it is time to take individual and collective responsibility for eating - this commonly-perceived most routine of acts.

The Financial Times
Impressive and far-ranging... the authors intelligently use maps, colour diagrams and simple statistics to capture how the world feeds itself or, in so many instances, sadly fails to do so, to the detriment of so many. An extremely useful and comprehensive, if disturbing, read.



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